IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT! Due to the inclement weather, the Taste of Belleville has been cancelled and rescheduled for next Thursday, 8/24/17. However, due to gaming regulations, we are required to execute our Rotary event today! 

Since it is too dangerous for us to put the ducks (and our humans) into the water tonight, we will be executing our backup plan, which is a traditional raffle drawing for the same prize winnings as the duck race would have paid out. You can be the BIG winner of: (1st prize: $1,000) (2nd prize: $250) (3rd prize: $100)

You can still get in on the action, as tickets are still available for purchase at the Higgerson & Neal Funeral home, located at 209 Main Street in downtown Belleville (734-697-9400). Tickets are $5.00/each or 5 for $20 and available until 5:45pm. Starting at 6:00pm, if there are any tickets left, you can get them at Horizon Park on the lake, until the drawing is officially held there, at 6:40pm tonight! GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!