Belleville Rotary Club updates
There is so much going on in the Belleville Rotary Club at this time of year!  We just completed our annual wreath sale fundraiser and it's our best year yet!  Stay tuned for details.
During our December 6 club assembly Susan Richardson introduced our newest endeavor.  We are rolling out our corporate membership program next month.  We are hopeful that this membership option for local businesses, elected officials etc. will be a networking tool and beneficial to all concerned.
Our club is fortunate enough to be able to make several monetary donations to several groups in need throughout the year.  The latest donations break down as follows:
Rose Bowl Rotary International float:  $100
Adopt a Child Size: $1,000
Boy Scout community project: $200
Sumpter Township Children's Christmas: $250.00
Coats for Students: $1,000
Julie Hardy, Linda Pearcy and Susan Richardson will shop for coats on Thursday, December 8.  Please reach out to Julie if you are able to help out!
Fundraising is essential to doing good in our community!  Our next major fundraiser is our Fat Tuesday Dinner.  We will be asking each member to reach out to a local business to solicit donations.  Donations can include but aren't limited to food items, gift cards, raffle baskets, cash etc.  This will be discussed further during our January club assembly.
Our next Out of Basement event is our Christmas party.  Reservations are being made for Haabs in Ypsilanti.  
That's all for now folks!  Continue doing great things in the name of Rotary when you are out and about!