Thank you so much to Rick Caron for an amazing presentation tonight! Rick is a member of the Rotary Club of Windsor (1918) and a Professor at the University of Windsor. He shared with us the history of his adventures, along with his daughter, Julie, throughout Tanzania, as they brought clean drinking water and better health to children and families there! Many of these children have no parents, as they have died from disease. He shared many photos with us showing the polluted and contaminated waters and poor living conditions. He also showed us the amazing transformation that, in just 2 years, their work through Rotary was able to achieve! It was a very powerful and meaningful night and we are grateful for the dedication, time, love and effort put forth from everyone involved in the project! Seeing the children with smiling faces, looking healthy and happy was very moving. Your club, as well as the other participating clubs, should be so very proud!